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14" Tic Tac Wheel with Stand - silver


14inch metal wheel in silver.

Tic Tac wheels have specially designed  bearings to enable them to spin silently and without effort.  The mechanism also has a colour co-ordinated, metal cover to prevent chewing

These wheels are wide enough to enable pets to run together and large enough for them to run in a naturally flattened position – helping to avoid back injuries.  The solid running plate prevents toes becoming trapped.

Tic Tac Wheels are ideal for all pets who like to run – including Chinchilla, Degu. Rats, Guines Pigs and Pygmy Hedgehogs.

Easy to maintain and clean by wiping over with a damp cloth after each use.  For more thorough cleaning, the wheel can be washed carefully in warm water- taking great care not to get water into the bearings.  Please note that the bearing must not be immersed in water as this will cause damage and the wheel will no longer work silently.


  • 36cm diameter
  • 12cm wide running plate
  • 46cm total height including stand
  • 28cm total width including stand
  • 2.2kg total weight including stand

please note that this product has a volumetric weight  to allow for secure packaging

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