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Back To Life Paper Pellets

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Dust free, Chemical free,  Recycled Paper Pellets with superior absorption qualities and excellent odour absorbing properties, from Hugro. Perfect for using in litter trays.

These are the softest and most absorbent paper pellets I have seen so far.  20g of pellets absorbed 70ml of water within a minute or 2.  When saturation point was reached the pellets still held their shape - other brands I have tested turn to pulp.

Back To Life can be used in litter trays or as a substrate on the bottom of  the cage.  A very deep litter can be used to encourage burrowing, especially with smaller pets.

More detailed information can be found at and

These recycled pellets can be disposed of in the compost bin.  Also suitable for cat litter trays as they are low tracking and absorb odour.

Available in 10litre and 30 litre pre-packed bags

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