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Beaphar Spot On - Rat


Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On is effective against fleas, roundworms, lice and mites including mange mite for up to 4 weeks. This product contains ivermectin (150ug per pipette).

  • 1 pipette for rats over 300g
  • 1 pipette for guinea pigs up tp 750g
  • 2 pipettesa for guinea pigs over 750g
  • 1 pipette per 750g bodyweight for rabbits
  • 1 pipette for ferrets up to 750g
  • 2 pipettes for ferrests from 750g - 1500g
  • 3 pipettes for ferrests over 1500g

Any animals weighing less than 300g should be treated using the hamster + gerbil pack.

Squeeze the pipette onto skin at back of the neck. Full instructions are enclosed.

4 pipettes per box. 

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