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Clean and Cozy Pet Bedding - Apple Orchard


Kaytee Clean & Cozy Forage & Fun Small Pet Bedding is suitable for all small pets.

This soft, pet-safe bedding is 99.9% dust free and more than twice as absorbent as wood shavings, with guaranteed odour control and free apple stick chews to encourage foraging behaviour.

Clean & Cozy Bedding contains no aromatic oils, chemicals, or by-products, and is made with colourfast paper-based fibres that will not bleed or stain pet fur.

It makes an excellent nesting material for small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, and rats.


  • cover floor with 3cm- 8cm of loose product
  • spot clean when necessary and replace all bedding when needed

8.2l pack expands to 27.9l

Apple sticks are individually wrapped.

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