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Cool, Calm & Collected - Dr S

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Cool, Calm and Collected from DrS.  is a completely natural approach to allow the brain and nervous systems to work as nature intended, improving behaviour without sedation.  Suitable for  spooky, nervous, aggressive or depressed animals.

DrS Cool, Calm & Collected application:

To be fed on food 5 days a week. If you are using this product for the 1st time, use the loading rate for 4-5 weeks before dropping down to the maintenance rate.

·         Loading rate: 3g per 10kg of bodyweight.

·         Maintenance rate: 1g per 10kg of bodyweight.

·         Scale up or down according to weight of pet.  A tiny pinch is enough for Rats.

Active ingredients:

Vitamin D, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin). Minerals: Calcium (Chelated), Sodium and Potassium. Amino acids: Tryptophan.

A chelated calcium based dog calmer supplement, which can also be used for small pets including Rats.

Does your pet:

•         Spook at silly things

•         Suffer from a loss of concentration

•         Get neurotic

•         Suffer separation anxiety

•         Behave erratically

•         Suffer from fitting or seizures

•         Act aggressively towards other animals

•         Seem withdrawn or depressed

•         Find it difficult to settle or relax?


Did you know that all of the above can be common symptoms of a calcium deficiency?  DrS Cool, Calm & Collected will ensure your much loved pet will be relaxed, calm and loving but NOT SEDATED.

DrS Cool, Calm & Collected is a completely natural approach to allow the brain and nervous systems to work as nature intended.

DrS Cool, Calm & Collected dog and cat calmer contains nutrients traditionally used to support good behaviour and is built on a base of chelated calcium.

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function and neurotransmission as well as the normal function of digestive enzymes*.

* Approved health claim on the EU Register on nutrition and health claims p6 of 835.

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