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DailyRat3 - Mineral Vitamin supplement

Starting at: £4.38

DailyRat3 has been made specifically for rats. It will provide the total daily requirement for Calcium, Copper and Vitamin D. DailyRat3  will remove the current problem many rat owners have of providing enough of these 3 supplements within the daily food consumption.

The daily amount required per rat is provided in a 0.2g. dose. This a a very small amount and does not require a reduction in the daily feeding quantity.

DailyRat3 is a non-soluble powder designed to be fed on moistened food, veg, fruit, egg, etc. It is best not to add to scatter food. If you are feeding a dry meal a small amount can be dampened, sprinkle


the Dailyrat3 and mix in. For a wet meal add Dailyrat3 and stir.

The spoon provided will hold 3 doses when slightly heaped. Overdosing is unlikely as excess will not be absorbed by the body but will be excreted.

When buying we would suggest purchasing enough to last 3 - 6 months to ensure freshness.

DailyRat3 comes in 4 sizes:-

  • 100 grams  500   doses   £4.39    - 0.88p per dose
  • 250 grams  1250 doses   £9.07    - 0.73p per dose
  • 500 grams  2500 doses   £16.49  - 0.66p per dose
  • 1000 grams 5000 doses  £29.99   - 0.60p per dose
  • Larger quantities please contact us
  • Trade and Rat Clubs supplied - please contact us

We think this provides a very cost effective supplement.


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