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Exner Pet Guard


Exner Petguard treatment is an ecological flea & tick treatment for all pets that works without using chemicals or toxic substances. It is an environmentally and animal-friendly alternative which is chemical-free and eliminates fleas, ticks, lice and mites.  It also helps to keep the skin and coat healthy.

This non-toxic spray is also suitable for reptiles.

Instructions for use:

  • Spray the entire animal or the affected areas intensively.  This can also be done once a week as a preventative measure.
  • If your pet is suffering from parasites, mange or fungal disease it is a good idea to spray daily for 1 week.
  • Cages, beds and sleeping areas should also be treated.
  • After spraying leave for approx. 20 minutes so that the spray can work and has dried out.
  • There is no need to wash out Exner Petguard.
  • If desired, you can groom your pet once the spray has dried.

Exner Petguard treatment spray is made entirely from non-toxic food by-products. It works by clogging up the parasites' coupled respiratory passages and food tracts so that they die and fall off their victim within a very short time. Exner Petguard treatment is completely harmless to both you and your pet


  • water
  •  fat
  • whey protein
  • sucrose-monohydrate
  • ash

Always use biocides safely.  Always read labels and product information before use.

Keep away from children.

Please note that the product information on the bottle are in German.  

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