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Isa-Mix 8 with Egg Biscuit and Garlic

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Isa-Mix is becoming a very popular Facebook mixture created by Jemma - Isamu Rattery

The proportions of ingredients are 

  • 45% Ratrations No8 with Egg Biscuit and Garlic
  • 45% Harrisons Banana Brunch
  • 5% Barley Rings
  • 5% Ratrations Seed Mix


  • No8 with egg biscuit and garlic - paddy rice, flaked barley, whole barley, flaked maize, flaked peas, white dari (milo), buckwheat, mixed millet, egg biscuit, seed mix, mixed puffs, pasta, flaked buckwheat, brown basmati rice, garlic pieces, lentils, flaked carrot, dried mixed vegetables, dandelion leaves, kelp powder/pieces, beetroot pieces, pepper flakes, tomato flakes
  • Harrisons Banana Brunch
  • Barley Rings
  • Ratrations Seed Mix - fennel, milk thistle, pumpkin seed, hemp, linseed, white quinoa

Supplements such as DailyRat3 or Daily Essentials and calciform/calcivet can be added if desired.

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