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Lavender's Hamster Mix

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This hamster mix has been developed by a well known hamster breeder in Finland.  Lavender's Mix is suitable for  all species of hamster.  This mix has been tested on Campbells dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters and has not induced type 2 diabetes.

Lavender breeds Winter Whites, Syrian Hamsters, Roborovskis, Campbells and Chinese Hamsters.   She also keeps Winter Whites.

Lavender does not use supplements but does feed fresh food during the week.  Fresh food includes fresh vegetables, boiled egg, cooked meat and cooked poultry.  Fresh foods are not  fed on a daily basis.

Typical Analysis

  • 17,4 % protein
  • 7,9 % fat
  • 8,7 % fiber


  • Flaked Peas
  • Flaked Soya
  • Flaked Wheat
  • Flaked Barley
  • Flaked Maize
  • Carob (Locust Bean Pieces)
  • Hemp
  • White Millet
  • Rye Flakes
  • Black Sunflower
  • Burns Chicken and Brown Rice Adult/Senior Kibble

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