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Milk Thistle Seed

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The extensive modern clinical and laboratory research on milk thistle seed would fill a whole book. The most important active constituents discovered so far are the flavonoid-like compounds called flavanolignans, the group of which is collectively called silymarin. The three most abundant of these molecules are silbinin, silychristin, and silydanin. These compounds have two major actions:

  1. they bind to the liver cell membranes and protect them from being injured by foreign chemicals, endogenous and environmental toxins and free radical damage;
  2. they enter the liver cells and enhance their ability to produce enzymes vital to the liver's proper functioning, thus speeding recovery from injury to the liver and even stimulating regeneration of liver tissue.

Milk Thistle seeds are also rich in betaine, a proven liver protector, as well as essential fatty acids that may help lower excessive and chronic inflammation in the body. This herb is specific for protection and enhanced liver regeneration after exposure to heavy metals, radiation, or toxic chemicals. It is also useful for psoriasis and other skin ailments.
Milk Thistle seed is essential for counteracting the effects of a high sunflower diet.

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