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Mr. Johnsons Supreme Hamster & Gerbil

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New improved recipe with added  Verm-X®

 Mr. Johnsons Hamster & Gerbil mix is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mealworms, pellets,  extrusions and Verm-X – giving  a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to encourage the natural foraging instinct and helping in essential dental wear. Verm-X is an herbal blend to encourage intestinal health.

Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster & Gerbil is a complementary feed and should be fed together with suitable fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh clean water should always be available.

 This feeding advice is a guide only.

 Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster and Gerbil feeding guide:

                                Growing                                    Adult                                     Lactating

 Gerbil                       5 to 9gr/day                               4 to 8gr/day                        10 to 15gr/day

 Hamster                   6 to 10gr/day                             5 to 9gr/day                        12 to 20gr/day

 Dwarf Hamster         3 to 6gr/day                               2 to 5gr/day                        6 to 10gr/day





Concentrate nuts (wheatfeed, extracted sunflower, straw, sugar beet, calcium carbonate, molasses, grassmeal, sodium chloride, vegetable oil, vitamin & trace element premix), kibbled maize, flaked maize, flaked peas, flaked beans, whole wheat, wheat extrusions, sunflower seeds, locust bean extrusions,  flaked naked oats, dried carrot, dried banana,  peanuts, Verm-X herb blend, Soya oil, colourants

 Nutritional Additives

 Vitamin A (E672) 16,00iu/kg; Vitamin C 280mg/kg; Vitamin D (E671) 840iu/kg; Vitamin E 40iu/kg; Copper (E4) 8mg/kg.

Typical Analysis

 Crude protein 18.00%; Crude fibre 4.50%; Crude oils & fats 5.50%; Crude ash 3.00%; 

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