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No7 with Egg Biscuit No Garlic - All Adults

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A complete diet for all adult rats.  This No 7 mixture has been made with Egg Biscuit instead of soya for those who do not want to feed soya.  Garlic free for those rats or owners who do not like garlic.


Whole barley, flaked barley, flaked maize, groats, flaked peas, paddy rice, buckwheat, white dari, flaked wheat,  flaked buckwheat, mixed millets, seed mixture (fennel, milk thistle, pumpkin seed, hemp, linseed, white quinoa), egg biscuit, mixed puffs (millet, rice, buckwheat), spelt puffs, dried mixed veg,  lentils, brown basmati rice, dandelion leaves, flaked carrot, gammarus shrimp, pasta, pepper flakes, beetroot flakes, tomato flakes, , kelp powder/pieces.

Supplements such as DailyRat3 or  Daily Essentials and calciform/calcivet should be added.

Typical analysis:

Protein     11.78%

Fat             3.15%

Fibre          6.49%

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