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Pure Comfort Paper Bedding - Natural


Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding is made of 100% pure, never-printed paper to create a clean, safe, and ultra-soft bedding material for pets of all sizes.

  • Traps up to 800% of its weight in moisture for excellent absorbency and odour control
  • Compressed for easy transport, expands up to 250% volume
  • Odour Absorbent to minimize pet odors
  • Moisture Absorbent for easy cleanup
  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Pure, Never-printed Paper Bedding is soft, hygienic and safe
  • 8.2l pack expands to 21l - expands 250% times volume


Place 1-3 inches of Pure Comfort bedding on the floor of your pet's enclosure. Check daily for soiled areas. Remove and replace all bedding at least once a week, or more frequently as needed.

1.705kg pre-pack

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