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Purifie Odour Absorber for Pets


Purifie Smellzoff is a specially designed and formulated odour absorber to eliminate the common problm of pet odour in the home. 

Simply unwrap the absorber and place near the pet cage.  The Purifie is non-toxic, fragrance free and organic making it safe to use around pets.  Odours are effectively eliminated at source with activated carbon which is 5 times ore effective than charcoal.

If there is no danger of the plastic around the Purifie becoming chewed, the odour absorber can be placed directly inside the pets cage.

Each absorber  is approximately 9cm x 5cm x 5cm.  When you have finished using the Purifie simply open the packet and use as a soil conditioner by sprinkling on the garden or adding to the compost bin.

This product can also be used near kitchen waste bins, cupboards, shoe racks, cars, sheds and garages or any other enclosed space where odours are a problem.

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