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Savic Bath House - Free Standing


Savic Giant Bird Bath is perfect for using as a dust bath for Chinchilla to keep their dense coat in top condition.  Many other small pets will also enjoy a dust bath including degu and hamsters. Remember to remove the dust bath after use to prevent pets using it as a toilet area.

During the warmer months fill with water for pets to bathe and keep cool. Many pets enjoy 'Fishing' for frozen peas, sweetcorn, carrrot chunks or broccoli florets. Can also be used as a  small digging box.  Fill with a pack of Foraging Mix, shredded paper, paper pellets, substrate  or compost and hide treats,nuts or a small amount of scatter mix / dry food to encourage natural foraging behavior


Approximate sizes

  • 38cm length X 24cm wide X 28cm high
  • depth of tray 6cm
  • doorway 25cm wide x 17cm high

Please note that this bath can only be used on a flat surface - it cannot be fixed to cage bars as a hanging bath

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