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Soft Food Mash 20 (Mother and Baby)

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A complete food.

Soft Food Mash 20 is a variant of Soft Food Mash 15 soaking mixture for Pregnant, Lactating and rapidly growing rats.

The Bloodworm have been replaced with small increases in other ingredients giving a slightly lower protein level.

Measure out the required amount of Soft Food Mash 20 into a bowl. Cover with hot water and allow to cool. This will give a fairly firm soft food. For a runnier mix add more warm water and stir. If any additional supplements are required e.g. Dailyrat3 they can be added before feeding.

Typical analysis 17.7% protein, 8.1% Fat.

Contains: Egg Biscuit, Flaked Quinoa, Bulghar Wheat, Flaked Buckwheat, Flaked Millet, Cous Cous, Gammurus Shrimp,  Hemp, Linseed, Sesame, Garlic Pieces, Seaweed Powder, Mixed Vegetables, Dandelion Leaf, Flaked Carrot, Red Bell Pepper Flakes and Flaked Tomato.

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