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Stickles with Timothy Hay and Herbs


Tasty, tempting treats that are bursting with a blend of delicious ingredients.

Stickles with Timothy Hay and Herbs are tasty stick treats made with the wholesome goodness of natural grains and herbs

Stickles are perfect when you want to give your pet a tasty treat. Hang in the cage or hand feed to encourage bonding.

 Stickles are suitable rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas.


  • Cereals
  • derivatives of vegetable origin
  • timothy hay (10%)
  • dandelion (2%)
  • various sugars
  • oils and fats
  • herbs (thyme 1%, basil 1%).

Feeding Directions

  • hang the Stickle treat in the cage
  • allow one per week depending on the size of your pet
  • feed alongside the balanced daily diet
  • store in a cool, dry place
  • fresh water should always be available.

2 Stickles per pack - 100g total packet weight

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