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The Scuttling Gourmet - 4th Edition


The Scuttling Gourmet th edition by Alison Campbell (Shunamite Rattery).  This has all the benefits of the 3rd edition with an enhanced section on cereals.

This book is perfect for all those who wish to understand and learn an alternative method of  feeding their rats an interesting, wholesome and nutritious diet. Each book comes tissue wrapped and secured in a plastic outer.

Chapter 1: General principals of rat nutrition

  • factors that affect nutritional requirements
  • quantities
  • nutritional requirement
  • aims in feeding your rats
  • a balanced diet - complete food versus variety
  • understanding major food groups
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • trace elements

Chapter 2: Understanding Ingredients (cereal grains)

  • rat food versus grain mixes
  • cereal grains
  • processing grains
  • phosphorus in grains
  • individual cereal grains
  • general point about cereals
  • human grade cereals
  • cereals list

Chapter 3: Understanding Ingredients (legumes, meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruit, herbs)

  • pulses - edible legumes
  • meat and meat substitutes
  • seeds and nuts
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • herbs

Chapter 4: Commercially prepared mixes and reviews

  • commercial mixes - information and reviews

Chapter 5: The Shunamite Diet and other mixes

  • making up a dry mix
  • the shunamite diet - a history
  • the principals of a shunamite type mix
  • the current shunamite diet - what I feed my own rats
  • buying ingredients on line
  • examples of other mixes

Chapter 6: Feeding for reproduction and growth

  • before conception
  • pregnancy
  • lactation and rapid growth
  • supplements and useful extras
  • the soya debate

Chapter 7: Feeding for longevity - well being in old age

  • feeding to maximise health
  • deficiencies in rat diet
  • beyond basic rations - feeding for health
  • boosting the immune system
  • calories and lifespan
  • other influences on lifespan
  • feeding elderly rats
  • feeding a soft diet

Chapter 8: Feeding for health - prevention and treatment

  • feeding for health
  • calorie restriction
  • in sickness and in health
  • feeding sick rats
  • rehydration
  • syringe feeding
  • giving medication
  • the effects of antibiotic therapy

Chapter 9: Weight management

  • weight management
  • weight reduction diet
  • scatter feeding
  • diet to promote weight gain

Chapter 10: Feeding for vitality and condition

  • feeding for condition

Chapter 11: Feeding for pleasure, interest and enrichment

  • feeding for pleasure and enrichment
  • games that involve food
  • treats
  • shop bought treat and reviews

Chapter 12: Recipes

  • main meal dry mix substitures
  • egg based recipes
  • celebrating couscous and bulgar wheat
  • 'souping up' baby food
  • other savory meals and mixes
  • fruit based dishes
  • cakes and biscuits
  • milky puddings
  • miscellaneous

Chapter 13: Antinutrients and food to feed with caution

  • antinutrients and other naturally occuring compounds
  • fillers and other unhelpful ingredients
  • foods to treat with caution
  • forbidden foods list
  • foods that should be excluded


Appendix 1: National Research Council Nutritional Requirements

Appendix 2:  Vegetable, fruit and legumes list


At the beginning of each chapter is an overview to give you a brief outline of the sub-sections.

Within each chapter are personal reviews and information on where to buy products online.

We at ratRations have found the information contained in this book invaluable and have tailored our website accordingly. 

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