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Wheeze Eeze - Respiratory Support


Wheeze-Eeze is a blend of five herbal extracts which can support the respiratory system. The various herbs contribute different characteristics to the product. Some have anti-bacterial effects, others help loosen catarrh and others are general disinfectants. These help the natural defence mechanisms to deal with the prime cause of the symptoms.

  • Can be used in drinking water
  • Can be sprayed into the cage environment so pets can breathe in the mist
  • Can be used in a nebuliser
  • Can be sprayed around the cage area
  • Safe for use in the presence of humans

Directions for use

  • Add to drinking water at the rate of 5ml per 100ml fresh,clean water.
  • And/or mix 10ml with 100ml of water and spray for the pet to inhale.
  •  Use twice a day for  five days. 
  • Shake well before use
  • storage in a fridge extends the shelf life

Active ingredients:

 A complex blend of natural herbal extracts. Please call DrS directly for further information.

50ml concentrate. 

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